Gail Berland, Educational Consultant

Gail Berland has experience at both ends of the admissions process — as the Head of Admissions for Prospect Sierra School for twenty years and as the Head of High School Placement for five of those years. Ms. Berland was a founding head of Prospect School and continued in administrative work when the school merged to form Prospect Sierra School. In her work with eighth grade students she was highly successful in placing students in one of their top choice high schools. Much of Ms. Berland’s administrative work brought her into close contact with admissions offices and administrative teams in private and public Bay Area schools and schools throughout the country. Close relationships with key administrators and admissions personnel have resulted.

Currently, Ms. Berland consults professionally with families and students seeking guidance with school placement for kindergarten through high school. During this period she has expanded her first-hand knowledge of day and boarding options for this age group.

Ms. Berland holds a B.A. in History/English from the University of California at Los Angeles where she also completed a secondary teaching credential program. In addition, she holds a M.A. in Education from the University of California at Berkeley.

With over twenty-five years of combined teaching and administrative experience to her credit, Ms. Berland offers expertise with respect to good school matches for students. This experiential base is complemented by her refreshing insights and vitality.


Tami Uecker, Educational Consultant

Tami Uecker joined Gail Berland to form an educational consulting team in the summer of 2003. Ms. Uecker concentrates on college placement and supports Ms. Berland in middle and high school placement.

In the winter, Ms. Uecker evaluates approximately 1,000 freshman applications for UC Berkeley, giving her a firsthand view of the admissions process. Ms. Uecker holds her certificate in college admissions counseling from UC Berkeley Extension. She routinely visits college campuses across the country and attends and leads professional workshops.

Ms. Uecker's primary goal for her students is to help them identify and gain admission to colleges that allow them to achieve their full potential intellectually and socially. That is, to find a great fit between the student and their college choices. Students who have worked with Ms. Uecker have been accepted to schools throughout the United States, including Tulane University, Barnard College, Carleton College, Harvard University, Vassar, Boston College, UCLA, Brandeis University, USF, Tuffs, Lewis and Clark College and several University of California campuses.

Ms.Uecker brings valuable experience to the college advising process from her middle school admissions role at Prospect Sierra School. Additionally, she applies her 15 years of marketing experience to help students present themselves in the college application process. Ms. Uecker earned her bachelors degree in economics from the University of North Dakota.