Parent Feedback

Working with Gail on high school placement was a great experience! With her personal approach and warm manner, Gail made us comfortable and took the stress out of the process...at least as much as you can, by providing us with lots of information about the schools. She worked individually with Maleta, talking about the schools and doing practice interviews so she could relax and be herself when she had the school interviews on-site. We couldn't ask for a better source for help with the high school process.

Mary Beth Wilson
Student Attending St. Mary's High School

With Gail’s guidance my daughter was accepted to all of her top choices. Gail’s competence in the placement process was impressive. She knew the options inside and out and she could talk knowledgeably about my daughter’s needs. In the end, we had some intense decision-making to do, and Gail processed this with us, responding flexibly—nimbly addressing our academic questions, emotional concerns, and family priorities. I believe she worries over every last child’s placement, judiciously uses her vast network of contacts, and even acts on a hunch to make a placement happen. She was completely responsible throughout the process—returned phone calls immediately, acted on her word, accurately predicted outcomes or communicated uncertainly if there was such, and responded when asked for guidance. In a world where people use busyness as an excuse for irresponsibility, such consistent professional behavior was refreshing.

Diana Divecha, Ph.D.
Student Attending Lick-Wilmerding

If you can make it through the independent high school process in the Bay Area, college admissions will be a breeze! Our independent middle school offers high school placement services, but as working parents we felt that Tom needed a bit more support.

Gail had Tom describe his ideal school and from there he (and we) were able to narrow choices down to five schools. Tom looked at schools that he would have never considered before including schools in San Francisco, Marin and the East Bay.

Gail’s knowledge of high schools in the Bay Area is quite extensive and Tom’s first choice school was one that he had not even initially considered.

Her process is very organized. She spent time getting to know our son both personally and academically and kept him on track throughout the process providing him with goals on a bi-weekly basis. He was able to work on essays in her office and felt comfortable emailing or phoning Gail with any question or concerns.

We feel that having an independent consultant work with our child was an asset to this often stressful process and were pleasantly surprised when he got into his first choice school.

Liz Clark
Student Attending The Branson School