High School Senior

When I began the college search process my sophomore year of high school, all I had guiding me was a rapidly growing pile of glossy solicitations from literally hundreds of institutions, all claiming that their school was perfect for me. I attended a few local information sessions and even visited Columbia while I was in New York. Before I started my junior year, I could rattle off who founded Duke and Kenyon's impressive list of alumni, but I was miles from where I started: I hadn't a clue where I wanted to go anymore.

Fortuitously, I coordinated with Tami to begin college counseling the fall of my senior year. We started with a casual conversation at a coffee shop about my interests and wants in a university - class size, location, athletics-and we met with my parents to discuss financing options. By October, I had a solid list of twelve schools (down from the 30+ we began with) and was completely ready to start applying. As per Tami's suggestion, I distributed my teacher recommendations and counselor reports two and a half months before they were due and even decided to apply Early Action to Yale. Unfortunately, I came down with mononucleosis right in the middle of all this, and it was only because of my early start with Tami that I was able to complete my applications on schedule. Throughout the fall and winter, we met regularly to discuss interview strategies and scholarship opportunities, and, of course, to make sure I will still managing to have fun through the intense, stressful process.

And when the acceptance and rejection letters started to come in, Tami was an amazing moral support, like a third parent, while also keeping me focused on selecting a college. And then, when Harvard admitted me off their wait-list in mid-May, after I had already fallen in love with Barnard and outfitted my entire family and Tami with their gear, it was she that persuaded me to visit Cambridge. As much as she could have been pushy, (after all, who wouldn't want their client to attend Harvard?) Tami was unbiased and really stressed that it was my decision. She offered facts, helped me compare the universities, and even called to check in on me while I was browsing Harvard's bookstore.

My work with Tami was invaluable - she is a wealth of knowledge, fun, laid-back and flexible, and understands that it is ultimately the student's choice. I couldn't have asked for a better resource during my unpredictable application season.

Vanessa Pratt
Harvard University Freshman

Parent of High School Senior

I read all the books. I looked at information on line. I visited the campuses with my family. I talked to people who had been through the process. All of this was a good start, but we needed to find a way to finish the process. Enter Tami Uecker. She not only set the profile for the best place for our daughter, but also for the profile our daughter needed to present for those who would be most interested in her. It's not taught, and it can't be easily discerned - you need a guide. We were delighted to find someone as enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable as Tami to lead us to the end of our search. We found what we had been looking for, are delighted with the result.

Jordan Shields

High School Senior

At first, I found it intimidating to enter the extreme climates of the college search: on one side there was the low admissions rates and the statistics from all the guide books that seemed to be saying that unless I was a certified genius, I wouldn't be getting in, and on the other side was my over supportive family and friends, telling me I could get in anywhere I wanted to go. In Tami Uecker I found the solid, real middle ground that I needed. She helped me pursue my dreams, set realistic goals, and find a few safeties (just in case I wasn't as perfect as my parents told me). Tami was a supportive, yet reasonable voice in this process who not only helped me figure out who I was and what I wanted from school, but also helped me put that in my applications so I would be matched with the best schools possible for me.

Amber Shields
Carleton College Freshman